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Learn Cloud Assembly

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Welcome to Learn Cloud Assembly! This site is designed as a living technical reference focussed on providing in-depth information for the Cloud Assembly - whether you’re new to Cloud Assembly or an experienced vRealize Automation user.

What is Cloud Assembly?

vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly is a cloud-based service that you use to create and deploy machines, applications, and services to your cloud infrastructure.

As a Cloud Administrator, you can:

  • Configure the cloud vendor infrastructure to which your users deploy their cloud templates.
  • Set up projects to link the service users with the infrastructure resources.
  • Import templates and OVA files to support template developers using the marketplace.
  • Delegate the user management and deployment infrastructure to project managers, freeing you up to focus on your cloud resources.

As a Cloud Template Developer, you can:

  • Create and iterate on templates until they meet your development needs.
  • Deploy templates to the supporting cloud vendors based on your project membership.
  • Manage the deployed resources throughout the development life cycle.

If you want to find out more about vRealize Automation you can visit the official product site , view product features , or take a closer look at Cloud Assembly . You can alse explore vRealize Automation Cloud with a free 45-day trial .

Cloud Assembly Overview
Cloud Assembly Overview
vRealize Automation Cloud has a monthly release cycle, meaning that newer features and enhancements will be available before they are rolled up into vRealize Automation 8.x on-premesis releases. Most screenshots in this guide are from vRealize Automation 8.4 - if a feature is only in vRealize Automation Cloud it will be noted.
Last updated on 20 May 2021
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