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Learn Cloud Assembly

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Tags are a critical component of vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly that drive the placement of deployments through matching of capabilities and constraints. You must understand and implement tags effectively to make optimal use of vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly.

You can create any tags that are appropriate for your organization and implementation. Tags function as much more than labels though, because they control how and where vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly uses resources and infrastructure to build deployable services. Tags also support governance within Cloud Assembly.

Enables workload placement to a zone. Apply capability tags across resources

  1. Cloud Accounts
  2. Cloud Zones
  3. Availability Zones/Regions
  4. Clusters/Resource Pool

And to any other resource in vRealize Automation .

You can use the Tag Management page in vRealize Automation Cloud Assembly to monitor and manage your tags library. You can also create tags on this page. In addition, the Tag Management page is the only page on which you can view and identify external tags.

Tag Management
Tag Management

More about Managing tags & Tag strategy

Last updated on 21 Jul 2021
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