Learn Cloud Assembly

Learn Cloud Assembly

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Deploy Tanzu CE AWS

VMware Tanzu Community Edition is a full-featured, easy-to-manage Kubernetes platform for learners and users, especially those working in small-scale or preproduction environments.

vRealize Automation’s cloud template are iterative, declarative code objects that define the desired state of a deployed resource.

You can use the vRealize Automation’s Tanzu-CE-bootstrap Cloud Template with embedded cloud-init + “ input parameters ”, for deploying a Tanzu CE cluster at AWS VMs, this way, you remove the complexity of the pre-requisites installation, settings configurations and automate the actual Tanzu CE cluster’s creation at AWS, furthermore, you can include specific custom user selections at request time for different types of Tanzu CE installations configurations.

Cloud Template with Cluster and Instance AWS RDS Resources
Cloud Template with Cluster and Instance AWS RDS Resources

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Last updated on 19 Apr 2022
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